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Photo: James Padget Watson



Moving, flowing into the future >>>> MKB ULTRA is grateful to be part of a musical community that stretches out in all directions. Beyond Captain Orca had a very successful residency at Tim's Tavern in October. The new band of 5-Track and Zinnia Su called Trash Panda Go Cart is now playing shows as well. MKB ULTRA are going into the studio to record one more album with the great Mr. Patrick Lenon on drums before he vacates the throne to Lucas Kinezevich. 

NYE at Darrell's Tavern.

You can catch us playing our first show of the new year on New Years Eve at Darrell's Tavern. We are excited to share the floor/stage with our friends Oceans Fade who will open the show, followed by Down With People, MKB Ultra and then the new project The Purple Strange, featuring Ron 9 (Love Battery), Matt Vandenburghe (Valis), Kurt Danielson (TAD) and featuring the debut of the insanely talented Jared Stroud (lead singer/songwriter).


The Purple Strange

MKB Ultra

Down With People

Oceans Fade


Darrell's Tavern

18041 Aurora Ave North