March 2020

Some cultures view the Spring equinox as the New Year. This seems appropriate as we move into an era of unprecedented change almost over night. It feels like something has forever changed. Something taken for granted as fixed and immutable is now gone while something else, a 'new thing' that has been anticipated by many for a long time seems to be coming out of the ether. Is this the rough beast that slouches toward Bethlehem? What will take the place of the structures that are now dying at our feet? What role will we have, if any, in choosing what takes the place of what is leaving?


Here in Seattle we are 'sheltering-in-place' (it's interesting to me that this is a military term). People in Seattle are used to being inside, working on projects, cooking, reading, being online - and if you're an artist - you are quite at home having this time to explore your inner worlds, seeking various psychic scraps to build your new expression. This is certainly true for me and all members of this band. I have noticed our friends in the music scene here are similarly getting busy with a new urgency to craft something that might give listeners a way of making sense of their emotions right about now. This is the way I view music - as a psychic tool for comprehending what is beyond words and also as a way of redemption: through putting a name to your feelings, obtaining some objectivity there, you are able to make choices about how you feel and maybe rethink what direction you want to take. Without this comprehension, you might be trapped in unresolved emotional states that repeat themselves as a form of trauma. In my view, music above all other art forms, has the power to decode broad-spectrum information that comes to us by way of emotions. In some crucial way, music is the medicine for these times.

When I first formed MKB ULTRA, it was almost by accident. I was intending to produce another solo album (you can find those here and Here) but the band I had put together seemed to be a force all it's own. This band needed to play live and give expression to something not so autobiographical. We all agreed on the idea that something was repeating itself historically in a way that was maddening and somehow un-namable. It wasn't enough to say that it was a political thing or a cultural thing. It didn't feel right to blame anyone or any institution only because we all seemed to be caught in motion, going inexorably in a direction that was not if hypnotized by forces beyond what we know. We resolved to call ourselves MKB ULTRA as a play on MK ULTRA, the CIA mind-control experiments and the initials for my name (a vestige of my solo intentions). I already had the songs or the first album so my role as a provider of the initial structure remains to this day.

The songs themselves are pieces of a bigger puzzle. My process for song-writing is pretty intuitive. I write the music first and I listen back to it, writing down whatever comes to mind. I've decided to feature some of our songs starting with the older material. Some of these songs were written as far back as 2002 -- Such as this song:

When The Moon Shines Like The Sun


03 When The Moon ShinesArtist Name
00:00 / 04:03

The day you said the world was mine

I contemplate the burning sky

and the winter leaves the fall behind

as the days start screaming by

everywhere we feel the force

your steps scatter stones across

and we'll know when our work is done

when the moon shines like the sun

it calls me, it calls me and I can't hide it

It calls me, it calls me and I know I'll find it

Any day now

Your boots stepping on the ground

take another city down

but the army wants to save the world

it's just a mixed up mystical world

and the countdown has begun

it won't do you any good to run

the floods and the fires have come

and the moon shines like the sun

it calls me, it calls me and I can't hide it

It calls me, it calls me and I know I'll find it

Any day now

Try to live a life divine

a fire right between the eyes

a call to the human world

come on open up you, open up your eyes

I'm past the desperation now

I can't fight it or figure it out

and a fool sits on the thrown

as the fuse of the world is blown

there's seven horses coming down

they might be coming to your town

and we know that our work is done

when the moon shines like the sun

it calls me, it calls me and I can't hide it

It calls me, it calls me and I know I'll find it

Any day, any day, any day now


February 2020



Our last show was live on YouTube at Laundry Room Studio

It took place on Thursday, Feb 27th.

Laundry Room Live • Season 4 Premiere Thursday, February 27th -- with MKB ULTRA Featuring Mia Katherine Boyle and producer Jack Endino!! Watch the live broadcast

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Lucas Knezevich

on drums

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Photo: James Padget Watson